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We believe that every young person deserves the chance to discover their passion and develop their skills, regardless of their financial situation.

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"Dancing has always been my outlet, and the scholarship  keeps dance in my life."

Alex Tachov, Founder, Poise

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As a teenager, scholarships kept me in dance. As a studio owner, it's important to me that I offer the same opportunity to other dancers.

I started the Charlotte Ewing Dance for All Fund, in honor of my ballet teacher and mentor, who generously shares her love of dance with as many as she can. As a dance teacher, she provided a solid technical foundation, a love for dance, a safe space, and an inspiration for story telling. As a teaching mentor- she shared her education expertise and reminded me to find ways to spread my love of dance to as many as possible.

Even just a single $5 donation gets us closer to our goal of providing dance education to all that seek it.

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We believe that dance has the power to transform lives, and we want to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to experience its benefits.

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