2023 Emeralds.

At the Emeralds Performance Company, we're not just about dance; we're about nurturing growth, fostering community, and amplifying passion. We believe in pushing boundaries and achieving excellence, and we invite you to be a part of our dance family, where every dancer is a gem waiting to shine.

Why choose Emeralds?

Think of it as "Club Soccer," but for Dance! Emeralds is a competitive performance company that offers a unique blend of opportunities for your child.

No Auditions

That's right! Any dancer who desires the thrill of competitive stages and community performances is welcome.

More Opportunities

Solo, duo, and additional group routines in other genres are available by audition. To qualify, one must be a part of the Emeralds main team.

foundational excellence

Our main team dancers receive ballet and jazz training to ensure a solid foundation.

More stage time

Mini Emeralds and Emeralds come together for a large group routine, in addition to their own. This means each dancer is part of at least 3 or 4 for routines during our end-of-session productions.

Unlock Growth with Emeralds

Skill Development

With the time and effort required to be on the Emeralds team, each dancer will experience growth and improvement in their dance skills.

Confidence Boost

The camaraderie of being part of a team will instill a newfound confidence in your child.

Performance Exposure

Your child will have the chance to perform in two competitions, two community performances, and PDPA's Winter and Spring productions.

Katlin was tremendously committed to my success, and was always willing to put in extra time and effort to make sure I was advancing.  She choreographed my routines to perfectly display my strengths, and one of my jazz pieces won First Place Overall at the national competition level.

Natalie Sheridan
Former Competition Team member

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Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the Emeralds Performance Company.
What are the time commitments?
Weekly rehearsals are held every Monday for 45 minutes, where two or more routines are rehearsed. Additionally, dancers must be enrolled in a session class at Productions Dance Performing Arts, or at an affiliate program.
What Are the Financial Commitments?
Enrollment in at least 1 regular session class at PDPA (or affiliate program) is required to be eligible. Budget approximately $50 for costumes and $300 for competition entry fees for the season (school year). Travel is minimal, as most events are local. *costs based on team participation, doesn't include solo, duets, additional routines.
Are Scholarships Available?
Yes, if finances are a concern, scholarships may be available. Families can also coordinate fundraising efforts.
What Events Will We Participate In?
Competitive events include Spotlight (Jan 26-28, Seattle) and Starquest (Apr 19-21, Seattle). Community events and PDPA's Winter and Spring productions are also part of the schedule.

director spotlight

Ms. Katlin is certified in Ballet, Tap, Jazz and Modern by Dance Masters of America and graduated their Teacher Training Program in Buffalo, NY. She has studied dance and teaching methods in Checcetti and RAD, has been an assistant director and company owner. 

Show production is Ms. Katlin's passion and she has put on various forms of production from concept to show. At the National level Ms. Katlin has received choreography awards and trained award winning competitive dancers.